Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Ray has had a lifelong penchant for the otherworldly and strange. He penned his first story at age four, a dark tale of a young boy terrorized by a haunted stuffed frog—a real head scratcher for the nuns at Catholic school. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from “Pitt” in Creative Writing, he pretended to be normal and attended law school, where he did student stuff, then graduated and did lawyer stuff. Billable hours and other big-firm demands tore Ray away from the writing life, until the death of his father in 2013 and other events renewed his passion and love for storytelling.

Inspired by Stephen King, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, and transpersonal psychology, Ray’s stories involve underdogs, outcasts, weirdos, issues of poverty and class, magic, shamanism, Northern European pagan beliefs, madness, visions, voices, and altered states. Although he has traveled far and wide, you can currently find him in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife Kristen and their three dog-like (i.e. needy) cats.

Ray is currently querying agents with THE MAZE OF SHADOWS, a psychological horror novel partly set in Greece, about a midwestern lawyer haunted by unexplainable events, who is either suffering from a psychotic break or has been chosen by an ancient sect of mystics to enter a cursed maze to save an entire nation and his loved ones from their doomed fates. To keep things fun, Ray is also cycling through various drafts of several short stories, and hopes to have some published works soon.